Caddie and Spectator Policy



Spectators are welcome at all Golf Channel Amateur Tour tournaments provided the course allows spectators to walk the course and the spectators do not interfere with pace of play.  Spectators are the responsibility of the player they are watching and must remain out of play and practice proper golf etiquette at all times. 

Caddies are the responsibility of the associated player and are requested to practice proper golf etiquette.  If there is an issue with the behavior of a spectator(s), or caddie(s), the individual(s) will be asked to leave the premises.  Per Rule 6.1, the player incurs the applicable penalty for any breath of a rule by his/her caddie, including unsportsmanlike conduct. 

Spectators and/or caddies are not permitted in a player golf cart at anytime.  Use of carts are for the sole use of the players.  Any spectator or caddie found riding in a golf cart may result in the immediate disqualification of the player(s) who are associated with the violating spectator(s) and/or caddie(s) at 2015-2019 Major Championships and the 2019 National Championship.  Spectators are not allowed to rent carts at any Golf Channel Amateur Major Championship or National Championship.